About Us

Our mission is to change the world through transformative investments.

Our Focus

Human health is a critical value we all share. And yet our health care system is expensive, inefficient, confusing and inequitable. We see this as a major opportunity. We look for exceptional teams with data-driven technologies and services that are poised to deeply disrupt the status quo. By investing in early-stage companies with a transformative vision for making health care better for everyone, we will affect change.

Advantages of
Working with Us

The health care market is byzantine, highly-regulated and beholden to deeply-entrenched habits and constituencies. Not every great idea succeeds just because it makes sense. It takes vision combined with knowledge, relationships and, resources. Our portfolio companies gain an unparalleled advantage with access to Optum’s incomparable data resources, channel relationships and understanding of how health care really works. We have a goal to connect, accelerate and grow the incredible ideas developed by our portfolio companies with the key health care players that need them most.