Monitoring neurological conditions through imaging AI.

AI brain scanning
Leuven, Belgium • Chicago, IL

Leveraging imaging data to forecast neurological care.

icometrix began with two starry-eyed engineers, Wim Van Hecke and Dirk Loeckx, who had a desire to better the care of each individual neurological patient by improving the clinical application of brain imaging data. Frustrated by the subjectivity and variability of radiological reporting, they created icobrain.

One in three people will suffer from a brain disorder, often due to a chronic disease, leading to an immense burden for patients, friends, families, caregivers and society. Brain scans play a central role in patient diagnosis, monitoring and treatment, creating a huge need for objective and patient-specific evaluation of MRI and CT brain scan images with AI-powered medical imaging systems like icobrain.

icobrain can automate routine procedures easing the radiologist’s workload and identify subtle changes and patterns by leveraging data and insights which informs neurologists on the best treatment path. It’s an instrument of standardization and precision, which can impact patients’ diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up.  The platform offers FDA approved products for the majority of neurological conditions from multiple sclerosis through to dementia and traumatic brain injury and aims to become the go-to AI brain imaging solution for neurologists and radiologists worldwide.

Leadership Team

Wim Van Hecke
Dirk Loeckx
Optum Ventures